Studiu PF pentru proiectarea și implementarea GIS „Registrul Geologic Național”

Project: Prefeasibility Study for Designing and Implementation of GIS “National Geological Register”

Project description:
Developing of unique organizational and informational base for registration of geological objects in Moldova based on Government Decision nr.1003 from 23. 10. 2010 on the approval of the technical concept of automated information system „State Register of Geology”. Developing of Automatized Information System “State Geological Register” was a key step in developing services for geological and mineral resource management in Moldova and in stimulating IT development in related areas.

Services provided:

  • Developing the structure of central database of geological objects in Moldova
  • Information flows describing within the organization (Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources)
  • Determination of the existing level of data automation
  • Identification of the potential information services offered by the organization for users