Concepția și structura Sistemului Informațional Geografic al Apelor

Project: Developing the Concept and Structure of Water Geographic Information System

Project description:
This project aims to develop the Concept of Water Geographic Information System of the Republic of Moldova, which would establish a legal framework to deliver up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive assessment and reasoning of decisions and increase the effectiveness of a water management at all levels of authority – central, regional and local.

Services provided:

  • Analyzing the existing information system and current information needs (data flow, information and how are existing information systems operated, etc.);
  • Develop WGIS Concept to provide users, researches and decision makers with up-to-date, and comprehensive geospatial information about surface and underground waters; The Concept included necessary details for implementation of the appropriate WGIS;
  • General design of the WGIS system (defining entrances and exits to/from the system, basic components, interconnections between components, etc.);
  • Detailed design and implementation of WGIS (defining the structure of new system at the class level, detailed structure of the database, ways of interconnections between components at a lower level, etc.)